Pablo the Gorilla #1 Cover A

Pablo the Gorilla #1 Blank variant

Pablo the Gorilla #1 Cover C: Dustin Nguyen variantĀ 

Pablo the Gorilla Soft Enamel Portrait Pin

Athena the Undying #1 Baltimore Comic Con Foil variant

Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast #2 Fillmore Variant

Retro #1 Regular Cover

Retro #1 Live-Action cover featuring Reno Wilson

NIGHTMARE THEATER - A Horror Comic Anthology

CBR 2021 LACC #1 pick!

Nightmare Theater Lycan Enamel Pin

Cthulhu Invades Wonderland - 2023 Ringo Best Anthology Nominee

Battle Grapple #1

Jupiter the Space Pug Mini-Comic Virgin Cover

Contribute To My Lunch Fund Vol. 1: A Sketchbook

Siren's Song, an Inktober 2017 project - Kindle #1/Amazon Print TOPĀ 100 in Sci-fi & Fantasy IllustrationĀ 

BLM Skull Fist design for Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway & #SkullsforJustice

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